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Watch to see why now is the time to start Raising the Game for Santa Ana College students. Then, scroll down to learn how you can become a Gamechanger!

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A Campaign for Santa Ana College
Creating High-Impact Opportunities for
Student Achievement in Santa Ana and Beyond

For over 100 years, Santa Ana College has been providing high-quality academic and professional resources that help students raise their game in the world of work… and in the game of life.

But today, the college game has changed.

Today Going to College Isn’t Just About Getting a Degree…

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It’s about committed mothers and fathers searching for better careers so they can support their families.

It’s about hard-working millennials and veterans working multiple jobs and still living out of their cars.

And it’s about all of SAC’s high-achieving students struggling to balance life with the education they need to successfully enter the career of their choice or transfer to a four-year university.

It isn’t enough to just play the game these days. Students have to do more. And so do we. That’s why we think it’s time to start

Raising the Game

Today, we invite you to join us as we raise our game… So more students can start raising theirs.

Community Colleges Have Never Been More Important…

65% of all future jobs will require more education than a high school diploma.

1 million unfilled jobs in California by 2025 due to not having enough educated workers.

$1.2 billion How much SAC and its students contribute to the Orange County economy.

Key industries in California are unable to find enough sufficiently trained workers to fill jobs according to the National Skills Coalition.

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The amount of support half of all SAC students expect to receive from their families.


of SAC students are supporting 1 or more persons

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30% of SAC students are employed full time.

$52.4 million

Total unmet need of SAC students

Campaign Priorities

Addressing these high-impact areas will provide direct support to students where and when they need it most so that they can climb the ladder of professional and personal success, fulfill the workforce needs of our region, and take our community to the next level.

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I. Student Success Scholarships

Expand scholarships and award amounts that support and advance student achievement, completion,
and transfer with a specific focus on high-achieving students, adult learners, and industry-focused

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II. Proven High-Impact Programs

Build capacity for programs that have a track record of success supporting transfer and promoting
career-based experiences while driving the development of new, results-driven student resources.

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III. Performance Funds for the Arts

Support the ability of SAC students to perform and compete at the highest artistic levels by facilitating the purchase of performance-related equipment and supplies in dance, music, theater, TV-video communications, and the fine arts.

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To make a gift, please contact Executive Director Christina Romero at (714) 564-6091, email her or print this pledge form and mail it to SAC Foundation, 1530 W. 17th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701.
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Give online, now! Visit our convenient and secure online giving page to become a gamechanger now!

Join these Gamechangers!

Robin Follman Otta

Robin Follman-Otta
International Operatic Soprano. Business Executive. Philanthropist.

“Community colleges are like threads within the landscape of our communities. They give students from all backgrounds a platform for furthering their education so they can make their lives better.”

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Arline Radillo Green

Arline Radillo Greene
Teacher. TV Personality. Biotech Entrepreneur.

“Today, the students we’ve supported have gone on to become doctors, engineers, scientists, and much more. Many of them still keep in touch, and seeing and sharing their success has been a real joy. It’s why I do this. I imagine it’s why my father did it, too.”

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Rossina Gallegos

Rossina Gallegos
Bank Director. Corporate Social Responsibility Officer. SACF President.

“The role that community colleges play in the economic development of a region is extremely important. Small businesses are the engine of any regional economy, but they need educated and skilled workers to grow and they need customers who can afford their services. Community colleges support all of this and more.”

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“Santa Ana College has long been a beacon of hope for our community. As proud as we are of our student and faculty accomplishments, now is not the time to rest on our legacy. Today, the stakes are high for our students, our regional economy, and our community. Today, it is not enough to simply follow the status quo. Today, we must raise our games so that our students can start raising theirs.

That’s why the gifts of donors like you are so important. We know how to help students succeed. What we don’t have are all the resources we need to give every student an equal chance at achieving their greatest dreams.

Join today by becoming a GameChanger
in the lives of hard-working students,

in the life of Santa Ana College, and in the life of a community and country that rises with each and every person’s success.”

Dr. Linda D. Rose,
President, Santa Ana College

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